MG2 Service – episode 5: Revamping and productivity analysis

MG2 Service also takes care of revamping the installed machines: we are talking about the full inspection of used machines which can be eventually updated with new units and new functions. This can happen, for instance, when a Company acquires another one and decides to reconvert and re-use the capsule fillers already supplied. In such cases, the decades of experience and know-how gained by MG2’s engineers play an essential role; they not only can inspect dated machines, but they can also support the customer for the eventual revalidation of machines involved in the revamping process.

MG2’s service team is also able to make an in-depth productivity analysis of machines installed at customer’s premises. For example, a careful screening of production batches concerning different machines can improve the productive efficiency of complete lines. Also in this case, MG2’s long-time know-how is fundamental, enabling the Company to carry out multiple analysis on many machines.